Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 2021-07-22


Repeal mandate ban


I’m sure our leaders are watching the growing numbers of covid-19 cases and news of children too young to be vaccinated becoming gravely ill. Because we do not yet know the longterm effects the virus has on survivors, I am greatly concerned about school starting back in less than a month. I have no desire to keep my 9-year-old child out of the classroom for another year, and every desire that he be as safe as possible while at school. We know that even vaccinated people can still get the virus and be asymptomatic, transmitting it to unvaccinated persons. With that in mind, I call on Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Rep. Stephen Magie and Sen. Jason Rapert to support the repeal of Act 1002 so that individual schools may choose for themselves whether or not to mandate mask-wearing for younger students who cannot yet be vaccinated against covid-19, as well as the teachers and staff who interact with them. REBECCA McGRAW Conway



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