Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 2021-07-22


Salaries for teachers


Today, the Little Rock School District leaders will meet to consider an increase of beginning teachers’ salaries from $36,000 to $43,000 this school year, with a proposed increase by 2023-24 to $48,000. First-year increase is 19 percent. Where is the money going to come from? If this proposal is passed, the people that pay property that taxes in Pulaski County can expect a proposal of a millage increase quite soon. If this is passed, the teachers that have been teaching for years in Pulaski County will soon decide they need a pay raise too. If the LRSD teachers think the free money from Washington, D.C., will pay or continue to pay for pay hikes, that’s probably why students’ math test scores are so low. Arkansas has allowed teachers with no teaching license to be hired. So the taxpayer is expected to give pay raises to untrained or unlicensed teachers or even ones that are licensed? Is there any Arkansas office or committee that has control over the LRSD leaders? The state should never have given back control to the district. Its actions only show the lack of concern for increasing students’ test scores. For years teachers’ salaries have been increased, yet test scores have decreased, and no, do not try and blame this on covid. The test scores dropped prior to covid. DON WOODRUM Sherwood



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